In the winter of 2016 five supporter groups briefly put aside their differences to come together and celebrate their five historic clubs through the creation of a new supporters shield. The Old Guard Shield recognizes a group of teams who have been the core backbone of lower league soccer for decades in a time where most of the league can count their age on one hand. Teams have come and gone, leagues have expanded and contracted, and yet we have endured. We are not the flashy new teams with money to spare, setting attendance records and sell out streaks, or have big plans for bigger ponds. We are the old. We are the reliable. We are the old guard.

The Old Guard Shield is an independently run shield by The Regiment, the River City Red Army, the Flower City Stampede, the Steel Army, and the Capital City Crew.


The “Participating” Teams

Charleston Battery (est. 1993)

Richmond Kickers (est. 1993)

Rochester Rhinos (est. 1996)

Pittsburgh Riverhounds (est. 1999)

Penn FC, née Harrisburg City Islanders (est. 2004)