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Final Day of the Shield; Win Scenarios

With 18 of the 20 Shield matches in the books, we’ve come to the final two matches on the last day with the Shield still in the balance. We’ve had a very exciting and tightly contested series of Shield matches for our initial year and we’re excited to see it all come down to the final with both matches having concurrent 7pm kickoffs.

On this final day, there are three clubs that could still lift the Shield’ Pittsburgh, Charleston, and Richmond. The scenarios for each team is as follows…

Pittsburgh will lift the Shield if they… win today, at home, against Rochester. If they draw, Pittsburgh will need Charleston to draw or lose their match against Harrisburg. If Pittsburgh loses today, they could still lift the Shield if their loss to Rochester is by only one or two goals AND Charleston also loses today

Charleston, who has already finished their Shield fixture list, will lift the Shield if they… win today, at home, against Harrisburg if Pittsburgh draws or loses as well. If Charleston draws, they will need a Pittsburgh loss. Charleston is eliminated with a loss

Richmond will lift the Shield with loses by both Pittsburgh and Charleston and the loss by Pittsburgh is by three or more goals.

The Shield will be in Pittsburgh today and will be lifted if Pittsburgh is the winner. Otherwise, the Shield will be sent on to either Charleston or Richmond to be held for the next 12 months.

Best of luck to all the clubs and their respective supporter groups on this final day of the 2017 Old Guard Shield!