OGS STATEMENT: Rochester Hiatus

This past week, Rochester announced that the club would not field a team in the league for the 2018 season.

In light of this news, the member supporter groups of the Old Guard Shield discussed how this development would affect Rochester’s continued involvement in the Shield competition. From that discussion, the following was agreed upon:

  • Rochester shall remain in the Shield upon to their return to the league, assuming that the hiatus lasts no longer than two seasons.
  • If and when the club returns to the league, it must still be the same linear club as it currently exists. While the name or ownership may change, the club must actively retain and acknowledged its history and be considered the same club by a majority of the relevant soccer community.
  • The club must remain and host their home fixtures in the greater Rochester market.

Should these conditions not be met, the member supporter groups will once again discuss how to proceed. This agreement was approved four votes to zero, with Rochester abstaining.

We look forward to next season as Charleston attempts to retain the Shield, with Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, and Richmond looking to bring the Shield to their respective city.